Welcome to the Swedish Tree Climbing Competition 2017

This competition is an ISA approved event and therefore qualifying for the European and world Championships. The basic idea of the competition is that the arborist community meet, share experiences and work to improve safety in the industry.


Stadsparken in Lund.
The city council of Lund has let us organize the competition in their main park. They will also co-organize a public park event and this year's theme will be trees. We are truly grateful for their support and commitment.
Link to the park site on google maps


Detailed schedule is found here!

The contest will be held on 20th and 21th of May. Registration and gear check for the contestants is Friday, May 19th.
Registration for Volunteers and judges will be whenever they arrive.
NOTE: Registration and gear check is Friday. Saturday and Sunday are the competition days.

How does the contest work?

On Saturday, the contestants will be competing in five events that reflect the daily work of an arborist. The contestants will be divided into groups that stay together the whole day. The groups will be a mix with experienced and less experienced climbers. All the events are scored and at the end of the day those with the highest score will qualify to the Masters' Challenge. This is a much more challenging event, with more time at the climbers disposal. The challenge is scored by three or five judges and at the end we will have our Swedish champion in the women's and men’s class.

For more information about the different events, visit the ISA's website:

It is important that you are familiar with the rules, to get the most out of your competition. The rulebook also contains information about the equipment that is approved. Take some time to read through the whole book.

Rulebook: http://www.itcc-isa.com/resources/rules_ITCC_v2016.pdf

Who can compete?

You should be familiar with tree climbing, as well as able to use the safety equipment required. You should also have good knowledge of trees so you can get around safely, without damaging the trees or expose you or anyone else to danger. If you are unknown to us we can require relevant documentation of your training or a testimonial from a reliable source.
If you are unsure about competing, we recommend that you sign up as a volunteer. Then you get to be where the action is and at the same time make valueable contacts in the industry. Read further down for volunteers sign up.
The competition is divided in a women’s, a men’s and a rookie class.

Maximum participants: 50.
We leave 8 positions for rookie climbers and 5 foreign climbers. More foreign climbers will be accepted as far as space allows.


The climbing equipment you want to use will be checked before you start the competition. It is therefore important that you check it before you bring it to the gear check. If you are unsure if your equipment is up to standard and is compatible in the configuration you intend to use it, you should first seek information from the manufacturer. If you still hesitate after you been in contact with the producer, you can email the organizer. We will respond if time permits. Equipment that does not meet the requirements will be quarantined during the competition. Before you come to the gear check, make sure your equipment form is filled in. Should it not be, you end up last in the line.
Your equipment should be clean and in good order.


ISC who are producing and selling the Rope Wrench, have not demonstrated that their product has been approved in accordance with applicable EN (European Norm). Therefore we can not accept the use of it during the contest and/or the rigging of the contest. This applies, of course, to all equipment that does not meet the required standards. Should the current EN standard be fulfilled before the Championship, the ban will be lifted.

Equipment Form: http://www.itcc-isa.com/resources/rules_Equipment_2016ITCCGearCheckForm.pdf

What to expect at the gear check: http://www.itcc-isa.com/resources/rules_Equipment_2016GearCheckInstructions.pdf

Registration fee

The fee for members of the Swedish chapter (Svenska trädföreningen) and/or an ISA membership is 650 sek and for non-members it is 750 sek. Once you have registered you will receive an invoice to be paid within 30 days. After 30 days, the invoice is sent on to debt collection.
If you choose to cancel your registration until May 5th you will only be charged 150 sek for administrative fees. After May 5th you will only be refunded 200 sek in an event of illness.
Lunch and refreshments are included during competition days you participate in. Dinner is included with a complimentary beer or glass of wine at the Saturday night party.

Link to competitors registration

Registration begins the 20th of February and closes on 28th of April.


Registration for volunteers and judges

As a volunteer, you are where the action is. In order to conduct the event, we need a large number of volunteers. We are happy that Hvilan utbildning once again line up with their students from the arborist class. Of course we need more volunteers and preferably with experience. We mostly need help during the Saturday events. We also need help during Wednesday to Friday with rigging the various events and trial-climb the trees to see if the setup works.
As a volunteer you will be offered lunch and refreshments during the days you help out. You will also be invited to Saturday's party where you will be treated to dinner and a beer or a glass of wine. Alcohol-free options are available.


Head Judge this year is Rikard Kihlström. We need 9 judges on Saturday and 5 judges on Sunday. We are looking for people with experience from previous competitions. We would prefer that you have either been a judge, competitor or been involved as a volunteer for a few years.
As a judge you will be offered lunch and refreshments during the days you help out. You will also be invited to Saturday's party where you will be treated to dinner and a beer or a glass of wine. Alcohol-free options are available.

Swedish Arborist Association (SAF) has promised to assist with judges and volunteers. We are really looking forward to their cooperation and help.


For all contestants and registered volunteers as well as judges, you are invited to the annual SM party. The party is held at Restaurang A & M. Sankt Lars väg 41, Lund. https://goo.gl/maps/fLGYjk41XMo

The party starts at 19:00 on saturday evening, the 20:th of May. We offer on arrival a sparkling drink. After that a buffet with one free drink, beer / wine or soda. After that you have to pay for your own drinks in the bar. During the evening, the awards ceremony for the rookie class will take place as well as the jubilee competition.


Good stuff to know

How to get to Lund:
For those of you who come by plane we recommend going to Copenhagen airport and from there take a train to Lund Central station. From the train station you can easily walk to the park or take a taxi. The park is called ”Stadsparken”.

Car parking: P-hus Arena park, Stadsparksgatan. Fee: all days 8-22, 10 sek. Other times 3 sek.

We recommend that you look for available rooms as soon as possible to get a good rate.

Schedule: updated later in the forthcoming competition program.

Party: For those who want to buy a ticket to Saturday's party the cost will be 450 sek. More information about the party later.

Contact: Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.

Competition organizers

Frederik Pettersson
Mattias Moritz